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Here They Are...Your 2012 Looney Award Winners!!!

2012 was an amazing year for Asylum movies, a year in which we saw more films than ever, and the level of quality rose to new peaks. As such, this year also saw a record number of Looney votes pour in from all over the world. So, without further adieu, here they are, your 2012 Looney Award Winners for Excellence in Asylum Films:

Best Actor
  Bill Oberst Jr., Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies

Best Actress
Heather Hemmens, Rise of the Zombies

Best Supporting Actor
Christopher Karl Johnson, Nazis at the Center of the Earth

Best Supporting Actress
Monet Mazur, Adopting Terror

Best Performance by a Non-Human
The 2-Headed Shark, 2-Headed Shark Attack

Best Cinematography
Alexander Yellen, Grimm's Snow White

Best Score
Chris Ridenhour, Nazis at the Center of the Earth

Best Visual Effects
Nazis at the Center of the Earth

Best Screenplay
Karl T. Hirsch (story), J. Lauren Proctor (story), 
and Richard Schenkman (screenplay), Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies

Best Asylum Moment of the Year
Zombie Baby Stomp, Rise of the Zombies 

Best Director
Joseph J. Lawson, Nazis at the Center of the Earth

Best Picture
Nazis at the Center of the Earth 

That's a mighty fine crop of winners; interesting that the three films with multiple wins all feature zombies. 

Congratulations to all, thanks to the voters domestic and foreign for making this the biggest Loonies yet, and of course thanks to The Asylum for the fun flicks! Bring on 2013!

500 MPH STORM Out Today!

Out today from The Asylum, 500 MPH Storm, a hypercane-disaster flick from director Daniel Lusko and screenwriter Hank Woon, Jr. 

I watched this one myself over the weekend, and I have to say, it packs a punch. It also rocks a pretty great cast, headed by the always-excellent Casper Van Dien, as well as Asylum-mainstay Sarah Lieving, and Third Watch's Michael Beach. Lots of harrowing escapes from nature gone amok in this one, which makes for a thrilling 90 minutes.

So stop what you're doing and get the to a DVD/Blu-Ray dispensary and procure the latest treasure from the fine folks at The Asylum. Now. Go. Hurry!

RAD Poster for The Asylum's JACK THE GIANT KILLER!

We learned a few weeks ago that there was another Asylum film in the pipeline, Mark Atkins' Jack the Giant Killer, the studio's twist on the classic fairy tale. We already knew about the cast and crew, but today we got our first look at the film's poster, and man oh man what a poster it is. Dig it:

I don't know about you, but that looks pretty f'ing awesome to me. And that tagline: "Jack went up the beanstalk, and brought down Hell." Holy shit that's badass. And check out that Mega Horny Toad. This movie is going to be SPECTACULAR, mark my words. 

Only a little more than a month until this one streets, on March 12th.

Help The Asylum Find a True Fan!

So, there's a super-rad Wikipedia page I found yesterday that lists the majority of creatures/villains/etc. that have appeared in Asylum films over the years, with amazing accuracy and detail. When I passed this along to The Asylum, they naturally loved it, and are now desperate to find any valid contact info on the page's creator, one Yapool Seijin. They're even offering a 15th Anniversary shirt to whoever finds it first. I know you're out there, Yapool, and I bet you might even read this blog, so get in touch with the head honchos!